the compliment project

The day after Trump was elected, I started The Compliment Project, a small act of kindness that grew much bigger than I could have imagined. I designed compliment posters with sayings like “Your smile is beautiful,” or “Our world is better because you’re in it,” that were repeated on dangling paper slips to be torn off by passersby and a website where anyone could download these posters for free.

Within the first month, the project took off on social media and tens of thousands of people visited the site and downloaded posters, from Saudi Arabia to the suburbs of Pittsburgh. The posters have since been translated into 8 languages and nearly half a million compliments have been shared around the world. The New York Times referred to the project as a “marketing campaign for kindness” and I partnered with Chronicle Books to publish a book inspired by this project to be released in spring 2018, pre-orders available on Amazon, IndieBound, and Chronicle Books.