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what am i going to get?

A carefully chosen, handwritten quote. The quote is written on heavyweight archival paper with a nib dipped in a pot of Japanese ink. The envelope is sealed with hand-poured red wax and a custom made 3D printed “5” stamp. Inside this large envelope rests a small return card and stamped envelope to nominate someone you love to receive the next quote. Photos here.

is there any charge?

Nope, it’s free, but due to overwhelming demand, I send out quotes on a rolling basis based on donations.

Please consider donating here to help the project reach as many people as possible – 100% of your donation goes to covering material costs and you’ll be bumped to the top of the waitlist!

are you shipping internationally?

At this point, I’m only sending quotes within the United States. You’re encouraged to submit your information regardless of location to be at the top of the list if I’m able to expand internationally.

how can i help?

Please share this project with your friends (with #continuethethread and feel free to tag me on Twitter or Instagram) and consider donating here. If you’re a company interested in sponsoring, please shoot me an email:

who are you?

My name is Anna Sergeeva. Originally from Ukraine, I’m a curious 25 year old currently living in San Francisco. By day, I work with a super cool team at Instructables, helping anyone learn how to make anything. By night, I play in my studio and take art classes at UC Berkeley. For more of my projects, check out

why are you doing this?

I have an obsession with quotes and have been collecting them on fragments of paper since I can remember. I also think that receiving a piece of mail can be magical experience. But the part that excites me the most about this project is the return card. It’s a reminder that someone cares, that we are not alone, that a thread of kindness can be weaved around the world.

any more questions?

Email me at